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Financial Aid Office

Graduate Loan Application—Summer 2024


Students with a FAFSA on file for academic year 2023–2024 who want to apply for loans for Summer Quarter must complete and submit this Summer Quarter 2024 Graduate Loan Application before June 1, 2024 for priority consideration.

Students who have not submitted a FAFSA for academic year 2023–2024 and want to apply for loans for Summer Quarter must complete and submit this form and the 2023–2024 FAFSA listing Stanford University's school code 001305 before June 1, 2024 for priority consideration.

Please note that the 2023–2024 FAFSA will not be available after June 30, 2024.

The FAO will begin sending notices of loan eligibility to your email address on file in Axess beginning in early June.

1. Applicant Info (required)
2. FAFSA (required)
3. Enrollment Units (required)

Enter the number of units for which you will register in each quarter of attendance. A minimum of 6 units is required for all federal aid.

4. Anticipated Resources (required)

Research, Teaching or Course Assistantships

University Fellowships

Cardinal Care Health Insurance

5. Other Resources (optional)

Scholarships, fellowships, and other aid from sources outside the university, please specify:

6. Comments or Suggestions (optional)

If there is any additional information that will be helpful in processing your loan request or any suggestions to certain preferences in packaging your loan request, please include the information below.

7. Award Types (required)

Please check box the following option that best reflects your application request:

8. Agreement (required)

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Acceptance of funds administered by the Financial Aid Office (FAO) and covered by this application requires that I understand and agree:

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